Could it be true? Did shocking discoveries finally unearth…

How Ascended Masters Live Forever…

– Using the Einstein Proven Secrets Of “Conscious Immortality?”

Read Below To Uncover The Startling Truth!

To:  Aspiring Master Magician 

From:  David Griffin

Dear Friend,

When I first started learning Magick, my spiritual Master sat me down and asked…

“Do you know that there are two kinds of Magick? The first, he said, is Practical Magick.  What most people are familiar with.  Spell casting, divination, charms and so forth.  Also known as Low Magick, and used to fix your life and to make things happen in the outside world…

The Second is known as Ritual Magick. 

This type of Magick is unknown to most and only indulged in by the few as it has been kept secret for a very long time.  

Ritual Magick helps enormously by charging your internal energetic system both physical and spiritual, which results in making your Practical Magick that much more powerful

But there’s an even deeper, higher ultimate purpose behind Ritual Magick. 

And that is to help YOU achieve conscious immortality within this lifetime and live through death in the afterlife.

Now I know this may seem hard to believe, but this has been the purpose of Ritual Magick since the dawn of human history.

Ritual Magick comes down to you from ancient Sumeria and Egypt, preserved across Centuries by an unbroken chain of hidden Adepts and Masters.

The Amazing Longevity Secrets of The Count of St. Germain’s Ritual Magick

Have you ever heard of the Count of Saint Germain?  

He was famous for being a high society celebrity in European history.  He was a genius and a showman, he performed several Ritual Magick ceremonies in the court of King Louis XV.  

The most mysterious thing about the Count of St. Germain is that he did not appear to age! 

Astonishingly, people have claimed to have met him during different times over centuries, yet always appeared to be about 45 years old, and never older.

Following his death, a curious triangular book was discovered, hidden away in his personal items.

Upon careful examination, it was revealed this strange little book was, in fact, a Ritual Magick tome, written in code, with perplexing diagrams.  

(Note:  If you’d like to see it for yourself, visit the Getty Library in Los Angeles, where it’s currently on display.)

Was the Ritual Magick Code Hidden Inside This “Weird” Triangular Book The Source of the Count of St. Germain’s Conscious Immortality?

Within days, Hermetic scholars got to work on decoding this rare and cryptic tome.  

They discovered it contains three Ritual Magick ceremonies inside that have never been seen before.

The first ritual was for finding items that have been lost, especially beneath the flooded sea…

The second ritual was for discovering hidden treasures, like mines filled with diamonds, gold and silver in the center of the Earth…

But it was the third ritual that was the most startling… 

The third ritual was “To preserve one’s health and prolong one’s life for a century, and that with the freshness of fifty years, and the strength of that age.”

It also contained instructions for a “Longevity Talisman” that mirrored the pendant St. Germain wore under his garment. 

(Note: To the right you see modern reproduction.)

When I first saw this, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

My Master, however, simply smiled in stillness, having already known about its power for years.    

“David, this is not merely a longevity talisman. 

The true purpose of this Ritual Magick talisman is to complete The Great Work.  To achieve conscious immortality. To live forever. 

This is the personal jewel of a true Hermetic Master.”

That’s when I realized there was more to this discovery than I could have ever imagined.  

It sent me down a rabbit hole of Hermetic study, uncovering all forms of Ritual and Ceremonial Magick that had to do with conscious immortality.  

However, as a natural skeptic, I wanted more than just stories of the past. 

I wanted scientific proof.

But, before I knew it, I had more than I bargained for.

How Einstein Accidentally Proved Conscious Immortality

For thousands of years Hermetic Masters have taught Ritual Magick laws like: As Above, so Below 

Einstein had another way to say it: E = mc²

Sound familiar?  That’s because Einstein and Ritual Magick both deal with unchangeable principles of the universe.

But there’s one specific law he discovered that proves the possibility of living forever.  

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. -Albert Einstein”

Ritual Magick teaches “Nothing is created, but everything transforms.”  

In other words, we are matter and energy together. 

Therefore our energy survives death, just no longer attached to the body.

As Einstein suggests, energy cannot be destroyed, and the energy that you gather during life lives on.

That’s the reason we use Ritual Magick to make your energy body as strong as humanly possible.  

Why?  Because, if you cultivate your energetic body now, when your physical body dies, your consciousness lives on perfectly as pure energy in a body of light.

And that is in total alignment with Einstein’s theories. 

This only made me more curious, and dedicated to the craft.

The whole time… I kept thinking to myself… 

“If Ritual Magick Could Help A Man Live Forever… What ELSE Can It Do?”

Some people get into Ritual Magick to live forever

Others, for the psychic powers they develop… 

Most, in one way or another, to have everything they desire, and live their best possible life.  

But no matter what brought you to Ritual Magick today, or your experience level, practicing the right form of Ritual Magick can completely transform your life.  

You’ll begin to…

  • Secure your place in the afterlife by fully developing your light body

  • Give yourself the rare opportunity only the very few have ever known on how to eventually attain ascension

  • Enjoy better health starting with your first ritual as your light body is nourished through rituals your physical health strengthens

  • You will begin to notice your relationships and interactions begin to become easier and more pleasantly satisfying

  • Many new doors in all areas of life that were inaccessible or closed tight become unlocked and open fully

  • Enjoy a richer spiritual experience each and every waking day

  • Develop your 6 senses (not only 5) to the highest levels as a direct positive side effect of Ritual magick Practice

  • Potentially increase your lifespan and longevity to mythic proportions

  • Turbocharge your Practical Magick effectiveness

  • Dispel doubts about your future as you discover the tools and keys to help you map out your destiny.

So Who Am I And How Can I Make Such Outrageous Claims?

My name is David Griffin, and the story I just told you was from over 30 years ago.  

Since then, I’ve made Ritual Magick the primary focus of my life.  

Since 1992, I’ve been granted the title of Golden Dawn Imperator.  In 2002 I was proclaimed a Hermetic Master, a few years after I wrote The Ritual Magick Manual in 1999.

This manual has been regarded by many as the definitive grimoire of Ritual Magick.  At one point, it sold for $2135 on the Amazon Marketplace, and people were happy to pay that price.

Yet, over the past few decades, my wife (and Chief Adept of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) Leslie McQuade and I have been working hard to take things a step further.  

Our mission has, and always will be, to empower humanity with Ritual Magick by making it as simple, easy, and accessible as possible.  

That’s why we’ve spent thousands of hours and endless amount of effort whittling down complex (yet instantly powerful) Ritual Magick techniques and practices into their most basic essentials.  

We have put them all together in a breakthrough new Ritual Magick Essentials course that’s as easy to use as checking your email. 

Introducing…A Simple (Yet Highly Effective) Ritual Magick System That Helps You Unlock Your Spiritual Powers And Potentially Live Forever

In this full length Ritual Magick Essentials course, Leslie and I hand you everything you need to know on a silver platter. 

You get 19 information packed practical video lessons, plus 19 Deluxe Full-Color Transcripts…

…all for you to instantly access and begin enjoying the magical lessons that will give you the keys to overflowing abundance for life!

You’ll discover things like…

Module 1: Deprogramming

In this module, Leslie (who is also an anthropologist) and I demystify how applied anthropology is used in television programming to implant opinions and beliefs into your world view not your own. The first step towards freedom is to become aware of the methods being used against you.

In this module, you will discover how you have been unknowingly programmed from birth.

  • The Spell humanity is under and how to awaken from the trance.

  • The very first thing you need to do to break mind programming.

  • Explore the strangest quality of the human mind.

  • Unearth the hidden TV mind manipulation


  • What the two edged sword is hanging over humanity is

  • How the entertainment industry has been weaponized against you and how to protect yourself.

Module 2 : Ritual Magick 101

In this module, Leslie and I bring mysteries of Ritual Magick out of the shadows and break them down so simple any beginner can understand.

In this module…

  • Discover the true goal of Ritual Magick

  • How Hermetic science can guide you on an adventure of self-discovery

  • Meet the Angels and explore their hierarchies.

  • Unearth the secret connection between Ritual Magick, Tai Chi Chuan, and Chi Kung

  • Learn how consistency in your Ritual Magick practice can bring miracles to your fingertips.

  • Balance is the key to rapid spiritual growth. Never overdo it nor under do it…here is why

  • The importance of energy to fuel your Magick and where to get it.

Module 3: Ritual Magick Unveiled

In this module, Leslie and I demystify Ritual Magick, what it is really all about, together with its unique place in the world’s great initiatic traditions.

In this module you will discover:

  • Initiatic traditions, what they are and how they initiation can benefit you

  • Should you mix traditions? Yes? No? or how? Find the answer is inside

  • What is Ritual Magick and how does it work best? You need to know this first

  • What is the Ritual Magick Manual?

  • Discover the use of symbols in Ritual Magick, their secret power, and how to wield it.

  • Cultural Symbols, their influence, and how you can use them to create what you want

Module 4: How To Begin With Ritual Magick

Getting started with Ritual Magick can be confusing, especially if you are trying to learn from a pile of books. In this module, David and Leslie cut through the jungle of nonsense for you and show you how to make rapid spiritual progress. Don’t get lost in a labyrinth of useless Magick books!

Here is a sampling of what you will learn in this foundational module…

  • Which Rituals You Must Learn First! ASAP – and why?

  • What to do if you have little time to spare – We map out a work around for You!

  • Why some people fail. Here is how to guarantee you won’t

  • What if you don’t have a dedicated space to practice Ritual Magick? Here are a few excellent suggestions

  • What happens to you once you begin practicing Ritual Magick? This Major benefit will make you want to amp up your practice even more

Module 5: Ritual Magick Essential Skills

In this module, you will master how to harness solar God-Force energy to fuel your Magick as we continue our exploration of the fundamentals of Ritual Magick together.

In this module, you will discover…

  • What LVX energy is and how to harness it

  • Learn how God-Force energy can beneficially impact your life

  • Why vibration is Key in Ritual Magick (you will learn it right here)

  • Water, Sunlight and Consciousness.–What these 3 have in common

  • If you aren’t suited for Magick, it’s best not to waste your time–How to tell for sure

Module 6: Secrets Of Rosicrucian Magick

In this module, you will discover the ancient Rosicrucian method of Magical Soul Activation by systematically awakening the cosmic forces (elemental, planetary, and zodiacal) in your energetic body.

In this module, you will discover…

  • What the Hermetic, Rosicrucian, and Golden Dawn traditions have in common

  • What does it mean “To become more than human?”

  • High Magick and Low Magick – Your Keys to manifestation and ascension

  • What Rosicrucians mean by The Divine Spark

  • Invoking and Banishing–Which you should master first and why

  • What does the Rose Cross Ritual do?

  • Unearth the benefits of High Magick for spiritual ascent

Module 7: Rosicrucian Magick Unveiled

Discover the traditional, secret methods used to achieve conscious immortality as ascended Masters. Hermetic Masters call these the Trivium Hermeticum. Rosicrucian Masters call them the Trinisophia. Although these methods have been called by different names throughout history, they lie at the very core of the Western Mystery Tradition.

In this module you will…

  • Discover the time proven Rosicrucian system to develop your energetic body– It’s effective but gentle

  • Why Hermetic Alchemy and Rosicrucian Magick are so important

  • What the Middle Pillar method is and what it does for your Soul.

  • The Secret Fires of Alchemy Revealed

  • How Vibration can unleash the energies of the Cosmos within you

  • The Mysteries of Rosicrucian Qabalah

Module 8: Ritual Magick East vs West

In this module, Leslie and I illuminate commonalities in spiritual methods and practices used in initiatic traditions around the world; whether Hermetic or Rosicrucian methods here in the West, or Taoist or Tantric practices in the East.

Some of the most important things you will learn in this module are…

  • A closer look at Chi Kung/Qiqong and Hermetic Magick

  • What the commonalities between Eastern and Western Magick are

  • The Taoist tradition and the Hermetic tradition–Important contributions in these two systems and how they can benefit You

  • What is meant by The Middle Way in Magick?

  • What the Fifth Element is in both systems and how to harness its power.

Module 9: Soul Awakening

In this module, you will discover the Western method of Ritual Magick to grow your light body. We explore secret methods to awaken on the Inner Planes. Hermetic Magick calls this process “to become more than human” because you develop new senses and new organs to perceive in the invisible realms.

Some of what you will learn in this module…

  • How to grow your light body to survive death self-aware

  • The gateway to cosmic consciousness. How to awaken on the Inner Planes

  • The Ritual Magick method explained

  • What these three have in common: to become more than human, ascension, and conscious immortality–and what this means for You.

Module 10: Magick & Vibration

In this module, you will learn the importance of vibration in Ritual Magick. We also address what to so if you have no place to practice alone. Learn the alternative of vibrating magical names only inwardly, its advantages and limitations.

Here is some of what you will learn in this essential module…

  • Letting down your guard at the workplace–Why this is a big mistake

  • Camouflaging your protection Magick

  • Visualizations and gestures you should use

  • The consequences of randomly cursing

  • Magick resources you should use ASAP

Module 11: Astrological Magick

The big drawback to astrology is that you are limited by your Horoscope. But what if you could take destiny in your own hands by actually changing your horoscope. This is the actual purpose of Astrological Magick. Discover how rectify and transform your horoscope using Ritual Magick in this life altering module.

In this module, you will discover…

  • What is Invocation? Find out as we explain in detail

  • Invoking the elements, planets and signs of the zodiac -amazing stuff! All right here

  • Protect yourself by using your energetic body

  • The Astral Moths-Just exactly what are they?

  • Using Astrological Magick to Manifest!

  • How to use Ritual Magick to take charge of your destiny and transform your Horoscope completely-You WILL want to do this!

Module 12: Magick & Nutrition

In this fundamental module, we show you the importance of nutrition and fasting in Magick, and cover simple changes you can make to get noticeable results in your Magick right away.

In this module, discover …

  • Is fasting of benefit in Magick? Here’s the definitive answer

  • The extreme harm flouride in water can cause you and your pineal gland

  • Iodine/halogen and removing toxins from your body

  • How proper nutrition is essential to you as a Ritual Magician, both physically and magically

  • Why you should install a reverse osmosis water filter ASAP

  • What you must know now about poisons in our food supply

  • How intelligent nutrition can increase Magical power almost immediately

Module 13: Magical Will

What is your “magical will” and what role does it play to manifest more of what you want in life? What is the Divine Spark and how does this Hermetic truth relate to magical will and to manifestation power? Join David and Leslie in this module for a fascinating exploration of these topics and more, including how to apply magical will in action.

In this module, David and Leslie share with you…

  • The absolute importance of developing your magical will now!

  • Manifestation and Magical Will- the vital connection explored

  • How You can apply Magical Will in action- During your Rituals

  • How to Symbolically apply your Will in Ritual Magick

  • A simple but effective method to remember your dreams and why this is especially important for you as a Magician

  • What is the “Divine Spark?” And why you must nurture it while still incarnated. We reveal yet another hidden key to the puzzle of life

Module 14: Spirit Vision

Discover the Rosicrucian method of Spirit Vision to awaken on the Inner Planes so you can survive physical death fully self-aware. Learn the differences between Rosicrucian Spirit Vision and other forms of visionary experience, like Psychosynthesis, Shamanic Journey, or New Age channelling. 

In this module, you will discover…

  • The magical Spirit Vision method to awaken on the Inner Planes

  • How to perform the lower Astral Spirit Vision method effectively

  • How to test visions and the beings you meet and why this is important

  • The invocation you must perform first before Spirit Vision can take place -What is it? We show you!

  • How to become a multidimensional Magician and what this ultimately means for you

Module 15: The Golden Dawn God-Forms Method

Discover the astonishing power of one of the Golden Dawn’s most valuable methods, the Assumption of God-Forms. This ancient Hermetic method, you can add untold power to your Magick by channelling Divine energy into your Magick.

Among the mysteries you will discover…

  • Why the Golden Dawn God-form Assumption method is THE Most Important magical technique of them all-and here is why YOU must master it!

  • How to properly perform the God-form Assumption magical technique

  • What the LVX energy or God-force energy feels like

  • How to Turbocharge your Magick using the Egyptian pantheon of God-forms

Module 16: Astral Projection

Discover why techniques you read in astral projection books won’t work, and what it really takes to achieve true astral projection. Learn how Spirit Vision can train you for true Astral Projection, and how these avoid the pitfalls of delusion and ego inflation that plague New Age channelling. 

In this module, discover…

  • The trap of becoming an armchair magician, here’s how to ensure you don’t

  • What exercises you should do for guaranteed Astral projection success

  • How you can use Spirit Vision as a training tool for Astral Projection

  • How to become conscious in your Astral body

  • What Ascending Masters do when it is their time to leave this earth plane – Revealed

  • The real purpose and objective of Astral Projection – What is it? This will blow you away when you see it

Module 17: Magick & Spirits

Have you ever been intrigued by a magical Grimoire? Many Grimoires contain a Book of Spirits, each for a particular purpose. In this module, Leslie and I demystify what Spirits really are, what Spirit Magick is, and what differentiates Spirit Magick from other kinds of Magick.

In this module, you will discover…

  • The Classical Grimoires and Spirits

  • What Spirit Magick is – Here is your front row seat to find out

  • Is it more effective to enlist spirit help with all Low Magick or save them for serious workings only? – We bring you the definite answer you have wanted to know all along

  • How to use Grimoires to get entities to manifest things for you

  • What a charm jar is–And how is it similar to a Grimoire?

  • The Danger of Demons–Why working with them is foolhardy.

Module 18: Astral Nasties

In this module, Leslie and I cover the unpleasant side of the Astral Plane, from Astral Nasties attracted to the light of Ritual Magick, to Archons or Larvae that feed on the energy of negative emotions. We also teach you how to protect yourself from them! 

Among what you will unearth in this sumptuous module….

  • What exactly are Astral Nasties? And should you be concerned?

  • How the Archons are what you Must be careful of

  • How to banish negative energies – You will thank us later for this simple method

  • How the Lesser Banishing Ritual benefits you against these Astral Nasties

  • A method to ensure that Astral Nasties and Archons can’t bother you-revealed for the first time ever!

Module 19: Israel Regardie’s Magical Tools

Discover the beauty and power of Magical Tools in your daily Ritual Magick practice. Today there are many options to craft or purchase magical tools, but in the olden days of the Golden Dawn you were expected to fabricate everything yourself. Leslie and I share with you the Magical Tools personally created by Golden Dawn luminary, Dr. Israel Regardie.

In this module, you will learn…

  • Is it really important to make your own Ritual tools yourself?

  • What significance does the material the dagger is made out of make?

  • Leslie (an archeologist) reverse engineers Israel Regardie’s Magical tools. Discover how they were constructed (It is not what you think).

  • The one big mistake Israel Regardie made with his Water Cup and what you should do instead

  • How you can tell for certain when you are ready to add more to your Magickal tool set

Module 20: The Triangular Book of the Count de St. Germain

The Ritual Magick of the Triangular Book of the Count of Saint Germain remains among the most secret and most coveted in history. This is a Magick Grimoire beyond compare. Learn to perform the three secret Ritual Magick operations in the Triangular Book from the decoded secret instructions in this amazing ebook.

In this astonishing ebook, you will… 

  • Unearth a full 100% authentic copy of The Count of St. Germain’s Triangular Book Grimoire

  • Learn the secret cypher code of St. Germain – Your KEY to unlocking esoteric secrets

  • Get the completely decoded original French text of the secret manuscript

  • Get the full complete English translation of the decoded original

  • Discover the Secret names and calls not usually revealed in a Grimoire

  • Uncover why this manuscript is so precious in a unique history of it by Frank Holling.

  • Discover everything you need to harness the power of the secret Magick of the Count De St. Germain.

Now that you have looked at all these substantial video lessons, transcripts and ebook you will gain access to …that make up this breakthrough Ritual Magick Essentials course 

Just Imagine…

Imagine feeling energized rather than drained at the end of a hard day’s work, because your rituals are giving you more energy. 

Imagine seeing yourself in the mirror with a nearly perfect physique because your will power has become so strong.

Imagine walking into a room and instantly charming everyone there simply with your presence alone.

Imagine merely wanting something to change, and suddenly seeing it change because your manifestation abilities have skyrocketed. What would it be like if you could have solid solutions to problems you frequently face?

… and finally put an end to them

… for good?

Imagine throwing away your watch because you have so much free time that it doesn’t matter what time it is. 

What would that mean to you? Perhaps an easier, more fulfilling life? Total peace of mind?

“Thank you for another outstanding course in Magick, this one was just what I needed!”

– Tina Southerland, Huyton, UK

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Module 1: The Tarot & Magick

Discover the hidden origins of the Tarot. The most popular tarot decks today come from the in Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn through its early members. Learn the difference between the commonly known Celtic Cross tarot spread and the Golden Dawn Tarot, which is astonishingly accurate in illuminating any life situation.

In this module, you will discover…

  • The Golden Dawn Magical Tarot Deck explained

  • Waite vs Crowley vs The Golden Dawn–Discover the startling difference

  • How is the Golden Dawn Tarot specifically Unique? We show you

  • A closer look at Leslie’s First Golden Dawn Deck and how she customized it…takes notes on this! You will want to copy this idea.

  • Regardie and the Wang deck – the gilded masterpiece

  • What do verses in the Picatrix (a magical tome) have to do with the Golden Dawn Tarot? Discover secret Tarot Card origins and meanings most will never even notice.

Module 2: Golden Dawn Tarot

In this module, Leslie and I introduce you to the fundamentals of Golden Dawn Tarot: the five Spreads (Elemental, Houses, Signs, Decanates, and Tree of Life spreads). and the three Operations (preponderances, journeying, pairing).

Among what you will encounter in this module….

  • Why FIVE spreads a single tarot reading? Sounds like a lot, but its not. Discover why…

  • What is the difference in the three operations?

  • Why Golden Dawn Tarot is more precise than any other Tarot reading or spread.

  • Regular Tarot vs. Golden Dawn Tarot–And what the difference means to you.

  • What is the Zodiacal Spread and what is it do?

  • The purpose of the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards explained

Module 3: Dignity In Golden Dawn Tarot

Unlike in popular tarot card readings, in Golden Dawn Tarot there are no “reversed” meanings when cards are found upside down in a reading. Instead, Golden Dawn tarot uses “Dignity” to alter or color the meaning of cards. Whereas other tarot systems give you only black and white shades of meaning depending on whether a card is right side up or upside down, Golden Dawn tarot gives you an entire artist’s palette of subtlety of meaning.

In this module your will find answers to many questions…

  • What is the No.1 prime difference between Golden Dawn Tarot cards and regular Tarot cards?

  • What is meant by Dignity in Golden Dawn Tarot? Discover the why this core concept is important

  • What is the Tree of Life reading and why do you need to end with it?

  • Is it necessary when doing a reading with the Golden Dawn Tarot to ask the person whom you are doing the reading, what their question is? This answer might surprise you…

  • The Key Secrets to a successful Golden Dawn Tarot reading – Revealed to you right here

Module 4: Secrets of Golden Tarot Revealed

Here is where the rubber meets the road. In this module, Leslie and I teach you the Golden Dawn Tarot Tree of Life spread. This spread is the most useful to learn for beginners, because it shows you the final outcome of any question or situation.

In this lesson, you will learn…

  • Discover why the Golden Dawn’s Tree of Life spread is called the crown of all Tarot readings.

  • Discover the outcome of any situation using this one simple method.

  • Know what is about to happen before it does with these 3 Secret Keys.

  • How do meaning, dignity, and position combine to answer to any question?

  • Master a foolproof method to combine Tarot cards to synthesize their meaning

  • How to magnify your psychic ability using Tarot cards.

  • 5 Spreads sound like a lot. Can I shorten that and still get answers?

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Rare Footage On Self-Initiation by David Griffin

Self-Initiation Bonus Module

In 2016, Alpha Ωmega Mystery School hosted a symposium of Magick with speakers from a myriad of magical traditions. On that occasion, David Griffin spoke on Self-Initiation through Ritual Magick. This is extremely rare footage containing information available nowhere else.

In this module, you will learn…

  • See Rare footage of David Griffin from the famous 2016 MagickAll event

  • Why Golden Dawn Magick is so special

  • Find out what the true focus of Golden Dawn Magick is

  • The Magick of spiritual ascension

  • What is the practice of Theurgy? And what is it designed to achieve for the Magician?

  • Self-Initiation and solitary practice -What it entails and how to achieve it.

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“I didn’t know Ritual Magick would be this easy or as satisfying to perform, I am seeing real manifestations of my dreams. Who knew Ritual Magick was the answer? I’m sold.” –Pierre Tibbleau Quebec Canada

‘’This course made all the difference; it has put me on the right track and already brought me abundance in many areas of my life I wanted but never achieved until this course.’’–Kenny L. Newport, UK

I can’t wait to hear how YOUR life changes through Ritual Magick.  I’ll see you on the inside. 

In Freedom, Honor, and Truth,

David Griffin

P.S. Remember – You can access the entire 20 module Ritual Magick Essentials course, plus Tarot Essentials Course and Self Initiation video in minutes, without risking a single penny. 

P.P.S.  Warning: Time Is Not On Your Side! – Each day that you are not charging your light body is a day wasted. It means not living to your full potential. Your batteries are drained.  You go through the same mundane existence as you always do, feeling no better than you do right now.

There are forces, you may have noticed that have been and are increasingly doing their utmost to shackle humanity, deprive freedoms or brainwash groups into unknowing consensual obedience…

The contamination of food sources to dull psychic abilities and petrify the third eye…

…the adding of harmful toxic chemicals into meats and drinks, to unbalance or shut down hormones

… The manipulation of entertainment/media with behavioral programming to desensitize you as to what controls and measures they take against freedom seeking people…

The ruling elites have hoarded the secrets of Ritual Magick for themselves for Centuries.

Because they know that Magick is the only form of technology available that once learnt they cannot control nor prevent people from using to secure their Freedoms.

Be quick to get in on this…there is no time to waste.

You are either IN or ARE OUT…

The world is under attack and the manipulators are not waiting… There may not be a Second chance at this!

…by then it may be too late as the doors close around you…

Freedoms are being taken away already and it will only get worse…

Ritual Magick Essentials ensures You maintain and reclaim what is your birthright…and ensures the light shines bright for the rest of humanity!

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I did it! I used what I learned in Ritual Magick Essentials to achieve the results I wasn’t getting from other types of magick! Especially with all the mess happening here now- Totally happy, and  truly grateful ! – Kevin Randle, Chicago USA

I just want to thank you for giving me the chance to be in the test trial of the Ritual Magick Essentials course–I was hesitant in the first few weeks, but then things happened quickly, am I dreaming? This is really good. – Vannessa T. Turnball Kansas, USA

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